Eating your way to better health…and skinnier jeans!

The year I turned 30, I decided that I no longer wanted to look and feel the way I do: heavy, bloated, and simply unhealthy. In the 4 years since I had been (happily) married, I had gradually (unhappily) gained over 30 pounds. Not only that, my doctor diagnosed me with pre-diabetes, and even the beginnings of gout. Gout! Diseases that belong to much older, much more apparently unhealthy individuals, not a young woman in the prime of life!

I, being a practitioner of holistic medicine, was not following my own advice. I was working too much, caught up in the act of furthering my professional career, and comfortable and content in my happy marriage, a.k.a. way too busy to keep up with healthy eating and regular exercise. Not that I was gobbling down greasy fast food and junk 24/7, but what’s easy for the hubby to metabolize (insert snide note here on the differences between men and women) turned out to be blubber fodder for me.

So I am making a conscious decision–to eat healthy, to live an active life, and to follow what I preach.  Because life is short, and it’s too short to live it unhappily. So here’s my resolution to follow the path to health and wellness, in a way that won’t let me starve, break the bank, or throw my scale out the window in frustration.

To health, to many delicious recipes to come, and to the skinny on how to get there. Here goes week 1.


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