I love Costco–the bulk buyer’s dream of produce, household items, and everything in between! Costco is often where I get my organic super-greens for smoothies. But the problem with buying at Costco is I often buy too much, and the food spoils before I can get through it. But I refuse to pay $5 for 6-12 ounces of sad small leaves, which is the unfortunate cost of good greens at the regular grocery store.

So I started playing around with freezing. First freezing the leaves whole left me with faded, wilted leaves that tasted slightly off. Then I thought, it’s all being blended anyway, why not blend, THEN freeze? The result–the perfect way of saving your precious greens and saving money while you’re at it! 😀


  1. Simply add just enough water to get the blender going,
  2. then stuff as much greens as will fit in your blender, and start blending away!
  3. Add more greens as needed till a thick thick “smoothie” like result is achieved.
  4. Pour into silicone ice-cube molds, then freeze.
  5. Use 1 cube per smoothie and get your greens on!

Here’s one of my favorite ways to use my new found frozen green friends–Apple, Kale, Lemon & Ginger Smoothie!

– 2 medium apples of your choice, cored, sliced into chunks
– 1 pinkie sized chunk of fresh ginger, peeled
– 2 slices of fresh lemons, skin on
– 1 cube of frozen greens
– 6-8oz of filtered water

This smoothie is fresh, slightly sweet, and tart, it’s packed with vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and fiber, great for boosting the digestive and immune systems. Enjoy!


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