Double Chocolate cupcakes with cashew buttercream frosting 


Sometimes a girl’s gotta have chocolate.

What’s better than chocolate? How about DOUBLE chocolate cupcakes! The best part is, these are no bake, raw, vegan, and totally healthy cupcakes.

Cupcake Ingredients:
2 cups Walnuts or Pecans
1 cup Pitted Dates, soaked to soften
1/2 cup Raw Cacao Powder
1 cup Almond Meal

Chocolate ganache:
1 cup of vegan dark chocolate semisweet
1/3 cup coconut oil
Melt both ingredients in a double boiler (e.g. heat proof bowl over a pot of boiling water, whisk diligently)

Instructions: Put all ingredients in a food processor and blitz until a “dough” has formed. Dough should be firm and moist, easily shaped. If too dry, add 1 Tbsp of water at a time till moist. If too wet, add 1 Tbsp of Almond Meal at a time till firm. Shape into small cupcakes, then press down in the center to make room for ganache. Spoon ganache into cupcakes. Wait till ganache is cool before frosting!


Frosting Ingredients: (for best results, make frosting ahead of time, refrigerate overnight before whipping)
1.5 cups Raw Cashews – soaked for at least 2 hrs.
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/3 cup Very Softened Coconut Oil
1/3 cup Maple Syrup – you may substitute with natural sweetener like Stevia or Xylitol, but add a little at a time till you achieve desired sweetness.

Instructions: add all ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor and blitz till completely smooth and creamy. Transfer to a large bowl for whipping. Chill at least 2 hrs, or better yet overnight, before whipping. I would advised using an electric mixer because it was a lot of work by hand! Alternatively you may freeze for three 30 minute intervals and whip up the cream in between freezing.

Frost cupcakes anyway you like, just make sure you do it right before you are about to eat them. I put mine in a ziplock bag and unceremoniously piped it on. Eat immediately!



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